Tinzu Grip–Sword Technique

Tinzu Grip – Sword Grip

clip_image002The Tinzu grip in Combination 3a, the Monkey Paw in Combination 18a it can also be used to hold a katana. The Tinzu Grip uses the middle finger, ring finger and pinky to create a strong firm grip, it takes the emphasis off the pointer finger and thumb and shifts the grip to the palm of the hand.

The Tinzu Grip is beneficial for holding a katana too.

Try this exercise:

Pick up a sword use the Tinzu Grip to hold it, now move the sword around cut an asterisk in the air. If you have never used this grip holding a weapon it will feel different. Focus on the grip use those three fingers to hold it in your palm. You are no longer using the thumb and pointer finger locked around the handle of the katana like a vice. The Tinzu Grip lets the handle of the weapon tuck snuggly into the palm of your hand.

You still need the thumb and pointer finger – the thumb secures the grip and pointer finger lightly wraps around the handle like a safety chain so you don’t lose your weapon – Lose your weapon, Lose your fight!

What else can you use the Tinzu Grip for the Bo or Nunchaku? Shake hands using the Tinzu Grip see if you can squeeze the other person’s hand a little bit more.

South Florida Samurai

     I don’t know what most people start out writing about but because I am not as serious as most; this is a picture of my samurai action figure.  The only thing I have in common with this guy we both have gray hair.  If I were balding I think I would try and get my hair to stand up like that too. 

     South Florida Samurai is a sword club the goal of the club is the study of the martial arts, we of course study the katana, we cover the 3 avenues of the sword, in no particular 100_4428order Iaido the drawing and cutting with the sword, Kenjutsu sword combat and Tameshigiri testing cutting. 

     There are 40 plus sword techniques we study, those 40 techniques make up our katas or forms.  There are 15 Iaidos which are sword drawing technique’s that vary in complexity and function.  There are 15 Tameshigiri patterns used for cutting rolled mats but recently I am more into cutting other items which I will get to in another post. 

     The South Florida Samurai (SFS) name was developed about 3 years ago because I was creating a new group to promote on a social networking site.

      I have been teaching martial arts for 16 years and involved in the study of the martial arts since 1980.  I started training in Okinawan karate in high school and was in an out of classes for years trying different styles and weapons.  When I finally got busy with training for the belt I chose Matsubayshi Ryu, a branch of Okinawan Shorin Ryu. 

     Welcome to my blog, South Florida Samurai !

     I have a few things on mind to share, I have a different perspective on the samurai sword and the martial arts that one may find interesting and may upset others but I will share never the less. 

There is a South Florida Samurai facebook group and page you are always welcome to join.

Sensei Larry