In the end his karate was more powerful…

I am posting this so you are aware.
3:15am, it’s dark in the car as well as outside, I am on my way to work. I notice a shadowy figure on my left, immediately, I think, “WHAT THE ?!?! Is that on the inside of the window or outside ?

This is where all those years of martial arts training will pay off !
My KIAI comes out like a nine year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I am desperately searching for something to crush this monster !
Holy Crap ! He was as big as my hand ! (Actual size, he was about as big as my thumbnail.)
I grab a napkin and try to crush his body into the window, he deflects my blows and escapes !
I drop the napkin and begin to formulate my next plan of attack. I only have a second, being I am traveling on the interstate at 70mph, in the dark. My last resort crushing him with my bare hand ! My instincts kick in and I let the blows reign down upon the spider. My Sensei told me it would happen this way, no time to think just act !
The spider faced with a larger and more aggressive opponent than himself used karate self defense technique number one and ran away.
In the end the spider’s karate was more powerful than my own, he escaped my wrath and hides somewhere in the car.
I must return to the dojo, to train for our next encounter !