Makiwara Monday !

I have been working on a new tradition at home for my son and I, which I have dubbed

Makiwara Monday !  

The idea is to use our makiwara on a more regular basis.

We came up with a list of 15 techniques: strikes, arm training and elbows, which work well on our makiwara.

The makiwara is made from a pressure treated 4 x 4, wrapped with nylon rope; the 4 x 4 Makiwara allows us to have three striking areas.  When we built our makiwara, I had no intention of bringing it in and out every time I wanted to use it so I made it to withstand the South Florida climate, which is hot and hotter with direct sunlight and rain.  I chose nylon cord because in will not mold and cost wise it’s $10 for 100 feet, and comes in a variety of colors.  .

Here is our list of techniques:

Front Punch, Thrust Punch, Hammer Fist

Ridge Hand, Knife Hands – Vertical Knife Hand, Cross Knife Hand, Palm-Up Knife Hand

Arm Training – Inside Forearm, Outside Forearm

Elbows – Roundhouse, Side, Reverse

Palm Heel, Slap

We do about 10 to 12 strikes of each; maybe work in a few combinations.

Don’t forget stretching and massaging of your hands when finished; I believe it is very important for the hands when you are through, it should be like any workout, take care of the body so you can use it is when needed.

We also like to work out with an eight pound medicine ball when we are done to help stretch out the hands after punching the makiwara, it’s the yin to the workout.  I have two eight pound medicine balls from Walmart good for developing the grip, warm-up and cool-down exercises and for working the forearms too and on a side note, it’s good with kata.  There is a video of the medicine ball grip exercise on Facebook too.

We would interested in your Makiwara workout, exchange ideas.

Check out South Florida Samurai on Facebook I will be posting a video sample.November 2014 029