Home Grown Nunchaku

It has taken three years to make this set of nunchaku. I made these from bamboo that I planted in the backyard.

It takes a patience to grow nunchakus; some say it’s a sign of a mental illness. I didn’t plant the bamboo hoping to grow the nunchaku it came to me later.

I was doing some research on the nunchaku for a speech class; I was going to introduce the group to the martial arts weapon. In the material I was reading it referred to the chuks as a two section staff, I then thought about the history and Okinawa being an island and types of wood or trees they may have used for the nunchaku and bamboo came to mind. Okay so you understand where I am going with all this, but at the time my bamboo was not very big so I waited.

I started looking at my bamboo tree differently now sizing it up, looking for the right stalk, trimming it here and there. Bamboo is not a great plant; it grew like crazy upward, some stalks would grow about 12 feet then I had to cut them back just to keep it nice. Anyway I was tired of messing with the tree trying to make it look nice, it always looked bushy. I had my son, Cole, cut it down, I got tired of messing with the bamboo. I had him save a few stalks so I could make nunchakus; Cole made himself a staff from one piece.  That’s what inspired me to get to work on a set of chuks.  After Cole cut down the tree the stalks dried outside for a few weeks.

Here is the result from my stalk.

From this one stalk I cut it down to two sticks, 12 and half inches long. I like the rough natural look; I could have gone to the craft store for perfect bamboo. I like to use paracord for my chuks its quiet and I can braid a feclip_image002w different designs.clip_image006


The bamboo chuks are still a work in progress, I will change out the cord for a solid green cord later to have more of a contrasting color.

This has become part of my Warrior Week project, June 29 through July 4th, project this year. For more on Warrior Week stay tuned.

Self-Defense Techniques, What is Important ?

When teaching self-defense techniques I take into account a few things.

Techniques must be simple to use and learn. 

People may never practice these techniques outside the class.

Everyone’s athletic or physically capabilities are different.

I try to teach techniques that do not use specific targets, pressure points or a particular stance.  There are many cases where people, untrained in self-defense methods have fought off attackers.

So Why teach these skills ? There are many who are not aware of simple techniques or moves they can perform that will be successful in situations and even a little knowledge can be useful and better than nothing.

This first level of self-defense is meant to give people a fighting chance.  Teaching one how to defend them self will make a difference in a confrontation. When the body is in the fight or flight mode it will not recall detailed techniques, large muscle groups in body will response first in a crisis.  Keep the techniques simple, most will take one class and series of moves will not be remembered after leaving the class. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Here is an example of the person in need of self-defense. Why does she need lessons ? She is an easy target, tight fitting dress and shoes that will not let her run and no weapons.  This is the person I envision when developing a self-defense strategy.  Most will not be in their “fighting outfit” when a confrontation happens, this might be the worse case outfit; it would be for me.


Here are the techniques I teach clients for self-defense.

The Self-Defense Stance


Self-Defense Stance 

The Self-Defense Stance is another way to say, “Get Your Hands Up !”  This creates a boundary, open hands are a defensive posture. In case the attacker would move in your hands are up, ready to protect yourself. For reference a fighting posture would look similar to this picture but the woman would have a clenched fist instead of the open hand.

What I am writing here is just basic instruction, there are more details shown and given in the classroom training. 

Verbal Defense

Your Voice ! Your hands establish a boundary, your voice does the same.  You establish your boundary verbally. NO !  STAY BACK !, SAY IT OUT LOUD NOW !!!!  One could say anything that fit the situation and that gave a command to the attacker to move away.

You have to be forceful and aggressive.  You are conveying that you do not want that person any closer.  It’s your safety at hand, be fierce !

Combine the hands and voice together; you are now sending a message that is clear and concise. 



Stomping on toes or the top of the foot can be painful.  In the South Florida’s climate an attacker may not be wearing shoes or they could wearing sandals exposing parts of the feet.  The stomp with a heel of a shoe or spiked heel can be very painful. Some ladies dress shoes could be a weapon if needed.  Plus, if you keep eye contact with the attacker they will never see raise your knee and stomp your heel on top their foot, they will only feel the pain.  If the attacker can’t walk it allows you time to get away. Refer to the first lady in the dress she has deadly weapons on her feet, well maybe not deadly but those shoes would leave a mark.

Even if you are not wearing shoes your heel is a good weapon for defense.

Pushing & Pulling

Attack the attack.  Someone grabs you, you quickly push or pull their hands away from you.  This is what people want to do naturally. The faster you push or pull the hand away the less likely the attacker can establish a hold on you.

Elbows and Knees

These are the hardest areas on our bodies generally one will not have to go through any special training to use these power tools.  There are a number of strikes you can perform using elbows and knees and those techniques will be strong and powerful with very little practice. 

Hand strikes

Hand strikes there are three, and neither requires making a fist.  The attack will not come when you are ready to fight, it will come when you are least ready; going out on a date, when you are all dressed up with rings and jewelry.  The three hand strikes are open handed. Palm Heel it’s an open flat hand striking with the palm of the hand.

These next two hand techniques are referred to as Tiger techniques because the aggressive use in defense. Come to a class to find out how to use these hand techniques correctly.

Tiger’s Mouth


Tiger’s Mouth is an open handed strike good for a variety of defensive moves.

Tiger Claw


Tiger Claw is for used scratching and tearing, need I say more.

Learn these basic techniques in one class you will improve your self-defense skills and chances of survival.

These are not stand alone techniques, they are to be used in conjunction with each other.

These techniques can work for anyone, women, men, kids, teens, boys, girls, grandmas, grandpas of any age.

Again take a self-defense class !