Put Your Child in a Car with a Stranger

Is this a new trend ?

Parents using ride services to pick up children and bring them home or take the children to other locations ?

Is this a disaster waiting to happen !image

My 13 year old daughter told me about her friend who called a ride service to take her home.  I believe this ride was arranged by the parents but still just as concerning.  I understand this can be a great help to a busy parent but parents have always told their children not to accept rides from strangers. 

Will you put your children in the car with a stranger ?

It does not matter whether it is a local taxi service or one of the new ride services, the point being the drivers are unknown to you and your child.

Can trust this person ?

Are you thinking about the background checks for these drivers and if they pass a background check they must be safe ?  Wrong ! It just means they have no record of crimes or traffic violations.  Surely, I speak in generalizations but let me defer back to my previous statement of

“Will you put your child in a car with a stranger?”

My daughter also told me, another group of girls called a ride service and had them drive to a local fast food restaurant to pick up lunch. 

As a parent and self-defense teacher, I will not let my child ride with a stranger in a car, not even with a group of friends.  I explained the dangers of riding around with strangers, to my daughter, even if the service is a reputable company.

I have nothing against the ride services and adult friends of mine have used ride services several times and were happy, but not for my child !

Parents before you send your child out with a stranger in a car think twice.

Make time to take your child where they need to go safety.