Dojo Repair

Today Cole & I spent time updating our dojo. 


Replaced the old red cord on the makiwara.


The red cord served us well for 2 years, but the cord was fraying and fading.


Plus we added a heavy bag stand in the corner.  Have to wait for the cement to cure before hanging the bag.  In the meantime its time to clean the bricks.
Hope everyone had a good Warriors  Week !

Last Day – Warrior Week 2016


Headed to the beach for Sunrise Kata !  Today, our goal to perform 4 kata 25 times.

Warrior Week 2016 will wrap up at Sunset with the Blessing of the Warrior.

On a side note, every Warrior Week I have a karate related project: one year I made several sets of custom nunchakus, another year it was a sword rack, and this year the project is finished but the reveal will come in a few weeks.


Dojo Anniversary – Warrior Week

Dojo Anniversary

During Warrior Week, I celebrate the milestones of my journey in the martial arts.  This week marks the 17th year of opening of my dojo.  I have held classes 11 different locations, hotels, preschools, elementary schools, parks etc. Each one came with its own challenges and rewards.  Hundreds of children taught karate, nunchaku and the sword techniques, Phew !

My first official class was July 13, 1999.  I delivered 300 flyers in my neighborhood, walking door to door.


Pictured here is Me on the left, my son, Cole on the right. In the middle, my longtime student, Jack, he started at 4 years old, he turned 20 this year, he’s in class every week.