Full Moon Kata Event

Full Moon Kata Event

On Saturday, February 27th is the next full moon.

I thought it would be cool to do some kata under the light of the full moon.

If you are interested in joining the event in Palm Beach County contact me on Facebook for the location and time.

This will be an outside event and is all dependent on the weather.

Start time will probably be around 11:00pm.

This should a great photo and video event.

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Your Voice

Your Voice

31 Self Defense Project

The voice is a very important part of self defense.

The way you speak: the volume, the attitude, and the confidence will determine how you are perceived by an attacker and possibly everyone else.

Start with the basics; the effect the voice can have on a person. Remember as a child when you did something wrong ? Mom, Dad, School Teacher, etc, yelled at you. They got loud and sounded forceful. How did that make you feel ?

Back to present day. Has your boss yelled at you, a customer, or a significant other ? How did it make you feel ? That’s the effect a voice has on a person.

Your verbal self defense can protect you. BACK OFF ! STAY BACK ! DON’T MOVE !

Say those out loud like you mean it. Just like you practice anything else, your commands should also be practiced. It’s okay to talk back to somebody getting too close.

Just like a police officer would give commands to someone, you need to adopt that type of posture.

Don’t touch me !

Along with your voice, use your hands to create a “barrier”, of sorts.

Check out the article on the Self Defense Stance.

For example: Someone gets too close to you. In this pandemic era confidently tell, “please move 6 feet back.” Incorporate your hand or hands as you’re motioning them away. Hands coming up begins your self-defense in case this turns out to be something more. If you have the room, you should also move. But keep watch on the other person, to learn or recognize if this situation might change. Moving away creates an added level to your self-defense.

The voice can be used alone as your self defense: Speak clearly, with confidence and be commanding.