31 Self Defense Project

Social distancing is a benefit to self defense. Unfortunately, just because someone is 6 feet away and out of physical touch it is not enough to keep us safe from an attack.

It takes one second to cross 6 feet of space.

A police officer needs a distance of 21 feet from an attacker to draw his gun successfully.

Here’s an exercise you can try at home.

Time yourself what’s the fastest you can cross 6 feet.

Now double that 12 feet.

Now try try 21 feet.

Practice with a friend.

Run at a friend, while they try to draw a “self defense item” from their pocket or a bag.

The point of the exercise is to understand how much time you don’t have !

Why you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Also check out our article about carrying a self defense tool.

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100 Days of Karate

It’s On !
100 Days of Karate
I started this challenge December 21st, 2020. I am now 25 days into the challenge, I needed to get a few days under my belt to make sure I could organize my day to make time to do the challenge.
The challenge is this; 100 days of karate. I’ve put together 40 different martial arts training routines. The “training routines” include: katas, strike sets, kick sets, blocking sets, etc. Plus I’ve added calisthenics: push ups, planking, squats, etc.
I alternate karate then calisthenics… I do 8 karate routines, 8 calisthenics. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
I use the Kata Kan to select my karate training routines order, so everyday is different. The calisthenics, I organize to make sure I exercise all muscle groups and track my reps.

I also use my Apple Watch to track my progress. I like the fact that the watch times my workout plus monitors a few vitals, steps, heart beat. Not that I am worried about those things now, but at some point I may be. Last summer during one of my marathon training sessions. I was breathing heavier than normal and wasn’t sure why until after I was done. I was checking the info on my watch and realized that the temperature outside was in the high 80’s and the humidity was in the 80’s as well. Calculating that info told me I was working out in 107 degree weather. Which can be risky.

I planned this challenge kind of spur of the moment. I got the idea and thought, “Well…if I started now when would I be done…” so the estimated end date was April 1st, which coincided with Spring Warrior Week 2021. I did a few practice days then started on December 21st.
The typical workout you’ll see, I posted a couple pictures of my routine.
This past week I added a 30 day Planking Challenge to my 100 Day Karate Challenge. A challenge within a challenge. Again something to keep it interesting.

Ikken Hissatsu

Ikken Hissatsu 一拳必殺

to annihilate in one strike.

Here in the South Florida Samurai Dojo, we have proclaimed 2021 as the year of the “one strike”.


To conquer with One Strike.

The emphasis is on the “one strike” to stop the opponent.

One strike will not be solely focused on striking, but on kata, blocking, striking, kicking, on one technique.

That one technique can change the course of the fight.

Every one technique is a Kata in itself. We need to improve one technique to improve our kata overall.

The One can refer to ourselves as well.

To conquer Oneself

We talk about improving ourselves with the study of karate, “making us better people”

It takes one, me, myself and I.

To make things better.

Ikken Hissatsu 一拳必殺

to conquer with one strike

Conquer Yourself in 202One

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Kata Kan

Kata Kan

Here’s the much anticipated Kata Kan. In our high tech world, here’s some low tech fun.

It’s about as cheap as you can get, a coffee can with a duct tape label.

The basic idea of the Kata Kan is to pull random katas or training routines out and then perform them.

I found that I used to perform katas in a series, I also avoided some katas because I didn’t enjoy them, or I would stand there thinking, “what kata do I feel like today?”

So this takes the choice of kata out of my hands.

The little pile next to the Kan are squares of paper I’ve written kata names and training routines on.

In my Kan there are 20 katas, including a couple of weapons katas, strike sets, kick sets, and blocking sets. Recently, I added single techniques such as: head block and knife hand strike, etc.

On average, I’ve been doing 8 katas a day. I have about 40 “kata” items in the Kan. So there’s a wide variety of training I can randomly draw from the Kan.

The pros here:

It varies your training.

This could help cure one’s Kata Anxiety, if there is such a thing.

For your students, this can be a fun way to practice kata.

Here some Kata Kan Games or Exercises, if you like that label better.

The amount and type of kata in the Kan is up to the instructor.

Plus, you don’t have limit yourself to just katas, any training routines can be used, strike sets, kicking sets, blocking sets, calisthenics, etc.

The Games

1. Someone selects a Kata from the Kan, performs the kata, then returns Kata slip into Kan. Next person selects a Kata.

2. Select a Kata from the Kan, perform, select another kata. Keep doing this until the Kan is empty. This could be done for one person or a number of students.

3. Let each student reach into the Kan to select a Kata they will perform, or they select a Kata for someone else to perform.

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Announcing the Grand Opening of my new Etsy shop

I been making wrist bands in my dojo work shop. The wrist bands are Bold and Rugged. They can be worn to formal and casual events.

The wrist bands are handmade from colorful para cord, most have beads and bold center pieces; each has a quick release clasp.

I have a few designs online right now and more to come by the end of the week.

Free shipping on any purchase.


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Palm Heel Strike

Palm Heel Strike is one of best hand strikes to use in self defense.

Striking with the palm of your hand protects your fingers, for anyone wearing rings or with long nails.

The Palm Heel Strike can be used in a variety of ways: as a push/punch type of strike, used as a slap to side of the face or body and it can be used as a rising strike under the chin. These are just a few examples.

It can be used as more than just a strike.