New Karate Classes 

For over 15 years, South Florida Samurai Martial Arts has been building stronger, and confident children.  South Florida Samurai will be bringing their unique martial arts program to Boca Raton. 

Classes begin Saturday, January 7th.
2800 N. Federal Hwy. Suite 400.
Give your child the confidence, athletic coordination and razor sharp focus that will lay foundation for a lifetime of success.
Message us with your name and number to hold a place for your child.  For more info contact Sensei Larry at 561-358-1410

The Best Indie Book You’re Not Reading — Adventures in Date Night

Looking for your next great read? And no, I’m not talking about erotic romance. This time. I want to share a great new memoir I just read called Martial Arts Soul: One Man’s Journey by Larry Louderback. Larry is a martial arts expert (and a personal friend) and in the book he shares an intimate […]

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Martial Arts Soul

Book Cover sale price 2016

My first book is officially available for purchase !
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We learn about each other from telling our stories, this book is my story. 

This book is not just about martial arts its about family.  My journey is not just about me its about growing up and how my wife and son would come to be part of my journey.

This book also is part of my Warrior Week project, if don’t know about Warrior Week it’s in the book.  Usually, I like to finish my Warrior Week projects by the end of June but sometimes things don’t go according to plan.    

Martial Arts Soul, One Man’s Journey.
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